WEAM Announces New Educational and Community Programming Initiative Beginning October 2018


With Academic Events, Cultural Programs, and Workshops, WEAM Becomes the Home for Conversations on Gender and Sexuality in Miami.

     WEAM is proud to announce its new educational and community programing initiative,
with the inaugural programming season beginning this October. WEAM will offer a combination
of academic events, with guest speakers and panel discussions, cultural programs, such as film
screenings, and a variety of workshops and classes. With these new offerings, WEAM aims to
engage the local community and become the home for Miamians to explore topics related to
human sexuality.

     The season begins on Thursday, October 18th with Parental Advisory: Sex, Music, and
Censorship, a night exploring sexuality and censorship in music. The evening starts off with a
selection of banned-from-playing-before-midnight music videos chosen by Lauren “Lolo” Reskin
of Sweat Records, followed by a talk by Lolo on the intersection of music and sexuality, the
history of music censorship, and Miami’s role in the battle.

     In addition to Parental Advisory, WEAM’s fall programming season includes a workshop
on Yoga for Better Sex; a screening of the film Dolphin Lover followed by a Q&A with the
director, Kareem Tabsch of O Cinema; a panel discussion titled How To Talk To Your Kids
About Porn; a figure drawing class with a live nude model during Miami Art Week called Sketchy
Nudes; and finishing the season is a workshop titled Licked: The Art of Oral Sex led by
sexologist Sonjia Kenya.

     WEAM was founded in October 2005 by the late Dr. Naomi Wilzig, and is home to the
largest private collection of erotic art in the world, with pieces from countries around the globe
as well as dating from as far back as 300 BC. The museum is currently led by renowned curator
Helmut Schuster as Director. Melissa Blundell-Osorio of Nerd Nite Miami joins the museum as
the new Director of Education, designing WEAM's inaugural programming season, which
coincides with the museum’s 13th anniversary.

The Eroticism of Things Exhibition in Berlin